Does your league management software require you to change your process? Do you find yourself having to do some processes through the software and some things manually? League Magic is a fully comprehensive and customizable league management software that will mold to YOUR needs and allow you to move your entire league operation into the future.

Scheduling and Results

With your leagues's specific teams, divisions, and brackets in place, scheduling becomes automatic. Having a live database allows records and standings to populate as soon as games finish and scores are entered.

Online Registration

Registration can all be done online via the payment portal and will allow you to keep up to date records of players payment history. League Magic has an automated team limit calculator to ensure total player numbers are controlled. Waitlist module is also automated.

Player Profiles

League-Magic is the first software management system that makes HARD COPY team folders redundant. All required documents, birth certificates and photos are electronically uploaded. Player data organized in each players individual profile. Profile data easily updated year after year, no more repeat data entry.


Highly configurable reporting capabilities that allow you to extract any important information you need from your database. From basic roster reports all the way through to bar coded team check ins. No more hard copy team folders!


Whether it is team presidents, administrators, or coaches, each role can be configured with certain permissions specific to their tasks and responsibilities. Teams can take advantage of an efficient and easy to use team portal that helps keep track of your teams age groups and rosters.


League Magic is endlessly configurable and with the help of our installation technicians we can mold it based on hundreds of different parameters that are specific to your league. 

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